Paragliding School in Ariege (Pyrenees, France)

Kymaya is a paragliding school in based in Ariège,

Our two mains Flying sites are:

Both flying sites are in the heart of the Ariege Pyrenees Regional Natural Park.

The School was created in 2010. Kymaya will give you all the basics you need to fly safely.

Our paragliding school respects and offers everything that is essential for such an activity, both in terms of the training of its 4 instructors, the quality of the flying equipment, and the quality of the training sites. You will find within our paragliding school a graduate course that follows the program of the EFVL charter (French school of hang gliding and paragliding).

It begins with an elementary course and the first flight, alone at the controls, is generally carried out after 3 days. After that elementary course begin the progression in order to become an autonomous pilot. Learning to paraglide can only be done properly by going through a paragliding school.

Kymaya’s Team

Our instructors



Kymaya's president

Hristo KARAGYOZOV President of Kymaya Completely passionate, not a day goes by that he does not consider going to fly. He brings his freshness and his aerobatic skills to our school. As an instructor, he has that enthusiasm that you appreciate both on the ground and in the air! He validated his French Instructor formation in 2014 and joined Kymaya.



Kymaya's Treasurer

You probaby met him in Nepal where he takes advantage of the Phewa lake to indulge in aerobatics. Surrounded by young pilots who have come to perfect their technique, he progresses alongside them. He worked 4 years as an instructor in Nepal and joined us in 2015 to bring us his energy and motivation.



Kymaya's Technic director

Passionate about the mountains, Franck has traveled the Pyrenees on foot, long, wide and high … Hiking, canyoning, climbing, mountaineering … a touch of everything that inevitably ended up visiting the sky. He has been an instructor since 2010.



Kymaya's creator

Paragliding instructor since 2002. He joined the Toulouse Parapente school. In 2006, he created the Zéphir school which gave birth to Kymaya. With 19 years of experience in teaching paragliding, a fine teacher, it is with renewed enthusiasm that he will do his best to pass on his passion to you.


Tandem flights


Discovery tandem flight 80€
Piloting tandem flight 100€
Aerobatic tandem flight 100€
Kids tandem flight 70€
Couple tandem flight 150€


Vidéo option + 25 €
Aerobatic option + 20 €
Piloting option + 20 €

Paragliding courses


Elementary courses 5 days : 600€
Progression packs 5 flights 240€
10 flights 420€
15 flights 620€
Initial pilot’s license pack 1350€
Discovery day 200€


Abroad courses


Bulgaria 790 €
Portugal 690€
Morocco 790€
India 990€


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