Learn to fly in Ariège

Learn to fly in Ariège

Elementary courses

The best way to start !

Progression pack

You wish to keep advancing at your own pace !

Initial certificate pack

The full package: Elementary courses + Progression pack !

Hike & Fly

Hike & Fly, the adventure where sky and earth meet !


Elementary courses = Stage initiation

Progression pack = Carnet de vol

Initial certificate = BPI

How are the lessons going?

Elementary pilot courses

5 consecutive days where very good results are observed. Being totally immersed in the activity is great.

This course lasts 5 days according to weather conditions and the Trainee’s level. Starting on a basic, well adapted slope to learn both theoretic and practical basics (equipment/material, take off, control, acceleration, landing, etc..) followed by full flights with radio contact (a fully qualified teachers at take-off and landing). This course will take place on a secure site under suitable conditions. You will be supervised by instructors who will guide you vigilantly by radio during all stages of your flight.

The progression Pack

With this pack you can fly and progress whenever you are available and weather conditions are suitable.

Just register to are dedicated WhatsApp group and get inform everyday about weather conditions and book your flights.

We will keep provide you with the best paragliding equipment and help you to progress.

The Initial certificate pack

It begins with a 5-day initiation course which consists of 2 days on a school slope and 3 half-days of guided flights.

Following your internship, you will benefit from a logbook of 20 flights to reach the level required, both theoretical and practical, to pass your initial pilot’s license.

At the end of the course, we will take you through the initial theoretical and practical pilot’s license exam.

Discovery day

The morning will be devoted to the discovery of paragliding equipment and ground handling with the glider. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will better understand the piloting of the paraglider. Soon, with the paraglider above your head, you will be setting off on the school slope. (Session of about 2 hours and half)

In the afternoon, we fly: An educational tandem paragliding flight to allow you to pilot yourself and thus discover the basic maneuvers. (10 to 20 minutes flight depending on the areological conditions of the day).

Advantages for our trainees


Kymaya has 4 permanent instructors which allows us to provide an elementary course, Progression Pack and initial pilots’ licenses every week.


We limit our Elementary courses to 6 trainees to work in small groups which allows us to have a high level of progress.

Our wings

12 complete packs ready to fly in all sizes. We work mainly with the Swiss manufacturer: Advance to guarantee you fly with the best equipment on the market.