Paragliding elementary courses

With the elementary course:


Join the paragliding adventure with 24 hours of training spread over 5 days. With our experienced team, discover the theoretical and practical basics of this activity by following the FFVL training course. Are you ready to make your first supervised flights and live an unforgettable experience?

At the end of this internship, you will have learned to:


  • Carry out a large flight with assistance in quiet conditions
  • Manage the take-off
  • Keep a flight plan
  • Make an approach and a landing

To start in the activity,


These internships take place over 5 consecutive days (24 hours of training spread over 5 days: 2 complete days on a school slope and 3 half-days of flights) where very good results are observed.

The day before your internship, we will give you an appointment on the most suitable flying site.

After the reception, head to the school slope. You will make contact with your wing and carry out your first run and piloted races.

Two days of ground training on a school slope are needed to get to the flights.

The following days we will continue to progress with high-level flights, theoretical contributions and ground work.

You will be supervised by patented status and experienced instructors who will guide you with vigilance by radio during all stages of your flight.

Objectives of the internship?
  • Acquire the basic gesture for take-off
  • Master your trajectories during the first school slope flights
  • Master the return to the ground smoothly
  • Understand why and how to fly
  • Understand and carry out a flight plan
  • To be able to respect the instructions
  • Agree to find yourself master on board under his paraglider
  • Give you a desire to become autonomous (initial pilot’s certificate)
Where and when ?
    • From May to October on one of our two flying sites :
    • In general, the courses start around 9 am on Mondays, depending on the weather conditions. The first days, dedicated to school and theory, the days generally last until 5 p.m. For the first autonomous flights, we work in the morning, when the conditions are calm and suitable for learning.
    • We will systematically confirm to you the evening before between 7 and 9 p.m., by Text message, if the appointment is maintained. In the event of a weather cancellation we will set a new date together.



Who's for ?

From 12 years old

Prices ?
  • 5 Days elementary courses:  600 euros