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Discovery paragliding tandem flight

An unforgettable experience : A tandem flight in an exceptional natural setting. !

Buy a gift cardFrom 80€


piloting tandem flight

Instructional tandem paragliding flight.  Take control with your instructor !

Buy a gift cardFrom 100€


Photo baptême sensations

Thrill-seekers and adrenaline-seekers.  Aerobatics in complete safety !

Buy a gift cardFrom 100€


Photo baptême bambino
Give your children an exceptional memory:  : A peaceful glide for immense pleasure in complete safety.

Buy a gift cardFrom 70€

Paragliding courses

Elementary course

Photo init

Learn to fly within 5 days. Supervised by instructors who will guide you vigilantly by radio during all stages of your flight.

buy a gift card600€

Progression packs

Photo progression pack

Continue to progress towards independence.  You can purchase 5, 10 or 15 progression Flights.

Buy a gift cardFrom 240€

Initial Pilot certificate pack

Photo brevet de pilote initial

A Four day elementary course + a 20 flights progression pack + Practical and theoretical exam

buy a gift cardFrom 1350€

Discovery day

Photo Discovery day

A morning elementary course and an Instructional tandem paragliding flight.

Buy a gift cardFrom 200€