Checked paragliding equipment with revision report

At the end of the season, Kymaya offers a wide selection of used paragliding equipment at very attractive prices. Whether it’s school packs barely one year old or demonstration sails that have made only a few flights, Kymaya offers allow you to get your paragliding sail, harness and emergency parachute at a reasonable cost. If you want to equip yourself to make your first flight after your elementary course, this is the ideal time. All our sails are revised and have a control sheet, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.

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What is the Recommended takeoff weight (PTV) ?

Le PTV (Poids total volant) représente le poids total que vous emportez avec vous en vol. Il inclut votre poids de base ainsi que tout l’équipement nécessaire, comme :

  • Les éléments de vol tels que la voile, la sellette/cocon, le parachute,
  • Les vêtements et chaussures que vous portez
  • Les accessoires tels que le casque, la radio, les instruments, la poche à eau et les provisions.

How to calculate your take off weight (PTV) ?

In actuality, the total weight of your paragliding setup comprises several components, namely your unadorned weight, the weight of your flight gear and clothing (such as your helmet, radio, and water pack), the weight of your paraglider wing (accounting for wing loading), the weight of your reserve parachute, and the weight of your harness. It is important to consider the exact weight of all the equipment and the pilot to accurately determine the total weight of the paraglider setup or TWF. One method to calculate the TWF is to add up the weights of each item. However, we recommend using the second approach for better precision and ease of use. This involves stepping on a scale with your paragliding bag packed and ready to take off. By using this technique, you can determine your TWF and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended weight range.

How could I use the extended weight range (PTV) ? ​

When developing the ALPHA 7 we kept the new generation of budding acro pilots in mind: so the extended upper weight limit of the EN/LTF-A classification for 22, 24, 26, 28 and 31 sizes lies around 15 kg above the recommended weight ranges. ALPHA 7 pilots can choose whether they prefer a glider with the best climbing performance of the normal weight range, or the handling of a higher wing loading. In an extended weight range the ALPHA 7 has a higher trim speed, and a more dynamic and agile flying characteristic. The ALPHA 7 keeps its EN/LTF-A certification in the extended weight range – testament to its innate passive safety.

Help me to choose my equipment

For advice 💡a trial or a purchase, please contact us at 06 25 79 16 51 or at Our team of monitors and the to help you.