Family paragliding tandem Flight


Offer your family an unforgettable adventure by benefiting from our decreasing rates


Embark on a family adventure in the skies above the scenic Ariège region, where each family member will experience the joy of flight, accompanied by their own state-certified instructor. This paragliding journey, open to all ages and skill levels, becomes even more enjoyable with discounted family pricing.

As your feet leave the ground and you rise above the landscape, a sense of weightlessness takes over, creating the sensation of floating in the air. It’s an exhilarating first flight for everyone! Your instructors will take care of the details, from securing each person comfortably in their harness to explaining the sail dynamics and maneuvers.

Together, your family will discover the breathtaking beauty of Ariège from an unparalleled perspective, all while benefiting from the cost savings of flying as a group.

Discover the Ariège region’s beauty with a family paragliding adventure, each member paired with a certified instructor. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, enjoy this experience at a family-friendly price. 

Feel the thrill of weightlessness and floating as you lift off into the sky. Your first flight will be memorable, with instructors managing everything from harness fitting to explaining sail techniques. Together, experience the stunning Ariège vistas from the air, making the most of group discounts.

Options and prices ?
  • 3 people 280 €
  • 4 people 360 €
  • 5 people 425 €
  • 6 people 480 €
  • Vidéo option : + 30€ / person

By booking online, you can pay by credit card on our website or on the flying site during your appointment by cash.

Your flights are fully refunded, or postponed (of your choice), if the weather does not allow you to fly or if you cancel at least 24 hours before the flight date.

Where and when ?
  • From April to October on one of our two flying sites :